Hard Drive & Solid State Drive Data Recovery

All drives including desktop, laptop and external. Our professional laboratory will recover your data from any failure. Common problems:
Logical failure category 1: $249
Data corruption or deleted data. Usual turnaround 24 hours.

Logical failure category 2: $549
Deleted or overwritten data. Usual turnaround 48 hours.

Hardware failure category 3: $689
Requires computer engineering. Usual turnaround 1 - 3 days.

Hardware failure category 4: $395 attempt fee + $489 recovery fee
Requires cleanroom computer engineering with parts. Usual turnaround 3 - 15 days.
5% Discount* when you ORDER ONLINE

Fast service with committed 24hr evaluation turnaround.

*Discount not available in conjunction with any other offers. Discount only available when you order service online.
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